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My Dads mum is maori and european and comes from the tribe ngai tahu down in the south island. My dads dad is from christchurch and was born and raised there. They have 3 children, my dad, brother brett and the oldest scott. As a family we go on trips overseas every two years for either my nana or poppas birthday. We've been to samoa, fiji and rarotonga. We normally go when it is winter in New Zealand so we can get out of the cold. If we have a dinner at my grandparents house my nana normally makes a roast pork, potatoes and veggies. My mums mum is samoan is is from a place called pango which is a place in american samoa, My mums dad is from savaii which is an island in samoa and he is from the village iva. They have 8 children. My poppa is a faifeau which is a pastor. His church is every sunday and normally most of the family goes. His church is all in samoan so I can’t really understand it most of the time. On special occasions, each family in the church have to put a performance together (eg dance, song) and perform it to the rest of the church. We usually just do a dance and a song because we don’t really like performing in front of everyone but our nana and papa encourage us to do more and more. As a family we usually get together every month to celebrate anyone's birthday that was in that month. My nana normally makes supa sui which is a favourite and she we normally have galo which is taro and we have that with coconut cream. We also just get chomain from the fish n chips shop and have that